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What People Are Saying

The Unhappy 4some

My companion and I have 4 dogs. We each had 2 dogs prior to living in the same home. Both sets of dogs were jealous and protective of their food and their owners. On more than one occasion I raced to the back yard to break up fights. Tufts of hair, bleeding ears, and limping dogs was not my idea of a peaceful existence. I wondered how possible it was for us to not only get along but also to enjoy each other in a spirit of gratitude.

Suzy came to our home, met the gang, and got to work on not only the dogs but also on their owners. The problems the dogs were having were not the only problems, my companion and I were divided and giving them confusing messages. Suzy has an amazing ability to read dogs and suggest processes for both dogs and owners to run.

Feeding is no longer a test of dominance and bullying. It is a relaxed time. Each dog seems to enjoy their food and the respect of space. Hair is now only removed through the natural process of shedding. In fact, the dogs can often be found curled up together sunning themselves in the morning sun. Peace has returned and it is a joy to have the gift of all 4 dogs.

Forever grateful
– M.S.

Jeannie’s Changes

Apart from the numerous insights into dog understanding which I was able to take home with me, Jeannie, my dog, changed quite considerably. Previously she was very nervous when she heard a loud crack like thunder or a skate board hitting the pavement. She would run and seek shelter in a cupboard in the house, or in my car. A couple of days after the class, there was a thunder clap. She didn’t rush to hide but stayed beside me, content with me as her protector, which is what you were encouraging to happen at the class. In addition, once freed of various entities, her eyes became more relaxed as was her whole being.

Almost a year later:
Jeannie is doing really well thank you. She is the perfect soul mate and a source of inspiration to my partner and I.

Both Carmen (who came to your class with Chloe – very excitable staffy) and I now explain to our dogs what we are going to do, or the reason why such and such is happening, and we are sure there is an understanding of our intent. They are more at ease with whatever action we take. My partner notices this with Jeanne and does the same.

Also I utilise the concept of being the leader in your dogs life all the time with good results.
When my partner and I are walking Jeanne on the beach and there is a loud crack from a skate board or skim board, Jeanny pulls on the lead dramatically and wants to run away.But if my partner goes ahead of us, as the leader of the pack, and I deliberately walk with Jeanne in linebehind him, Jeannie then is perfectly calm and doesn’t want to flee the area.

Hope you are continuing sharing your wonderful love and understanding of animals.

The Changed Guinea Pig

Our Guinea Pig had suddenly become very skittish, cowering in the back of the cage or racing around frantically whenever we came into the room or especially when we put our hands in the cage.  We couldn’t figure out what had changed for him.  Using energetic communication, Suzy was able to identify the origin of his new behavior and change it.  Since the session, he comes to the front of the cage to greet us, cuddles with the kids, and even made friends with our dog.  And, if something does come up with him, I have the tools I learned from Suzy to change it myself.

-P.H., New Mexico

From Fearful to Happy

Thanks heaps, Suzy for helping me and Paris. Since our first class with you Paris has changed from a fearful, anxious dog who had ‘issues’ with men and other dogs, to a much happier, calmer and friendlier dog. To see her running around and playing with another dog (something I had not witnessed so far), having so much fun, was something that gave me such joy. And this was only half way through the class. During the lunch break she also went up to one of the men there and planted a doggy ‘kiss’ on his cheek as well as confidently approaching a number of others.

I had been taking her to ‘obedience class’ for awhile and had gained some minor results but nothing like what you achieved with her (and me) in such a short time. Your awareness around Paris was amazing and the practical advice you gave me was so insightful.

I am enjoying her so much more now and am far more trusting of her and aware of my role as pack leader. We have fun together and lots of romps and cuddles. You inspired us both with the confidence we required and you certainly have a great talent with dogs and their ‘owners’.

Much gratitude for sharing this with us
Lorraine and Paris, Australia

I’ll Be Back Soon!

My dog Chino would get frantic when I left the house to go out. Suzy asked me to tell Chino when I would be returning and if anyone was visiting during the day; like the cleaners or the gardener. She said, “Just let him know what is going on with the house you are leaving him to look after, because that’s his job; to look after the house for you.”

I took her advise and the dog calmed down almost immediately. Now he knows what’s going on and what he has to do during the day. Such a simple thing has bought an immense amount of ease into my life and Chino’s. Thank you Suzy.

Easy Walking??

Suzy, it was wonderful to watch you, learn from you and soak up your energy.  I  just wanted to tell you that your tools have changed my entire walking thing with Mick.  It’s really kind of amazing and you are right—I don’t have to wear myself out!  We are enjoying it and I’m sure I’m not killing him.  :=)  Thanks a lot!!  Cindy

The Jumping Dog!

Springer is wondering how I have all this potency over her now. She has been jumping up on my legs since we got her eleven and a half years ago (who would not with a name like that?) and now since I came back from Perth (and the class with you) I tell her ‘feet on the ground’ and she stops in mid-air. My legs are beautiful, no longer bruised! Thank you!

– Y.V-V

Food Obsession :(

Wow, what a difference ONE session with Suzy has made!! Coco used to be obsessed with food and not pay any attention to me. Now, she looks me in the eye and pays attention to what I would like her to do….She’s finally aware of me and not so connected to food. What a gift. After 5 months this is the first time that I feel that she’s aware of ME! I also realized that I must step-up and provide her with more direction which is what she is requiring….

Now that I’m more willing to be the leader, she is much more at ease with her surroundings. Suzy has such an amazing awareness of dogs and what is required to change even the most challenging behavior issues. She was able to assist me even though I went thru doggy training with Coco and thru the formal training the facilitator was not able to assist me.

Thank you so much!!

Linda W.

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