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What Is Possible With True Connection?

Sat. 19 Aug 2017

What would it be like to be connected to everything around you? A connection to the energy flowing through all things. What if I were to tell you that connection is already there? There is so much available to us. What if you woke up today and lowered your barriers and totally received from everything…the […]


Thu. 17 Aug 2017

The action of declaring something to be untrue.   What is denial creating on planet earth? With animals, climate change, overpopulation (pets and people), politics, politicians. Have you ever noticed that being in denial does not create the future you desire? What topics have you given up on, or are in denial about? What would […]

Interesting Point of View I have this Point of view

Thu. 8 Dec 2016

The other day a dog showed up at my house. Charlie liked him and they played, I noticed he was wearing a collar, so I thought he was from the neighborhood. After him being around for a few hours I started wondering and called the number on the collar. The people were very friendly and […]

Do you ever wonder how you can make a difference?

Mon. 28 Nov 2016

Please know that by you choosing in a different way, you asking questions, you not compromising who you be, you ARE making a difference. And there are so many ways to also do something. Personally, volunteering at your favorite organization can be a lot of fun. What if you being different influences the whole organization? […]

Did You Ever Think Your Dog Cannot Perceive You?

Sun. 30 Oct 2016
I was looking at my camera right before Charlie came home from a walk. What happened next was astounding to me:   Did you ever think your dog cannot perceive you, even through the lens of a camera? I wonder what else these guys are aware of that we are not giving them credit for!

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