Nature & You, A Potent Combination!
Planning what you will be getting out of 6 months of tools and clearings to have a greater connection to our beautiful planet and the animals and plants on it, proved to be impossible.

What I know is this: The tools and clearings that we will be doing together are dynamic beyond our wildest imagination and they work. How they will work for YOU, I cannot even predict remotely.
Going by the comments I got during the month in December, where we had daily tools and clearings, I would say , people were quite amazed by what was showing up for them!

What if there was something else possible with your connection to planet Earth?

What if the dreams you had about our living together
could become a reality?
Would you be willing to contribute to this?

Together with people all desiring a different future when it comes to Earth, Animals and Nature?
A closed Facebook Group, daily interactions, weekly calls with tools and clearings, three 60 minute Zoom events over 6 months of committing to create a different possibility.
Are you in?

6 Month Commitment 

Special Deal! If you prepay for the whole timeā€¦ 


Choose 6 Easy, Monthly Payments! 

I wonder what would be possible to create, if we are always willing to be connected with Nature?

Will you be joining us?
6 Month Committed
If you prepay for the whole time, the price will be less.
6 Easy Monthly Payments!
$6/month ($47.00/month)

Choose 6 easy, monthly payments! 

6 Months Together Inspired By Nature
What can show up in your life if you were truly willing to use the tools of Access Consciousness Inspired by Nature?