Connect & Create With Nature



Every Day, Dec 1st-31st, 2017

Do you get cranky in December? Do the shorter days bother you? Are you upset about the weather? Would you like to pull the blanket over your head and not get out of bed? Are the family get-togethers obligations for you? Is this month financially challenging for you? Would it be a contribution to you, your body and your life to have a daily check-in with nature? Could you have more fun that way? Let’s come together and start to build this muscle! What pieces of creation have we negated that actually could create greater possibilities not only with the planet but our lives?

What you will receive by signing up to create in the 31 days in December is:
Daily Connection & Creation with The Planet, Suzy and other magical Beings
Recordings of Daily Live Events
Private Facebook Group Interactions
What is possible when we all get together?