Talk To The Animals- Get The Conversation Started Tokyo


Tokyo, Japan
May 8-9th, 2017


動物たちと話そう ~ 会話を始めよう!

1日目: 誰もが生まれ持って備わっている、動物とコミュニケーションするスキルを認めていきます。これまではあなたのスキルであり、能力であることを認めていなかったかもしれませんが、これがはじめの一歩となるでしょう。あなたのその能力をいかし、お互い大切に想い合っている動物たちと人間たちに共に違う人生を創り出しませんか?


この2日間を完了すると、TTTA (動物たちと話そう!)の認定プラクティショナーになるための最初の条件を満たしたことになります。

Talk to The Animals ~ Start the Conversation!
Day 1, you are invited to acknowledge ALL your innate Animal Communication skills, step into capacities you may never have allowed yourself to recognize as yours and expand your capacity to ALL of it to make a difference in the lives of BOTH animals and the people who adore them.  
Day 2 is a Talk to The Animals Practicum Day!! This day is dedicated to putting all your skills, talents and capacities with animal communication & the tools of Access Consciousness to practical use. We will be visiting a nearby facility with animals, allowing you to practice your animal communication facilitation skills, build trust in your knowing and be gifted the honor of facilitating other animals.
Upon completion of this 2 Day class, you will have accomplished the FIRST STEP in the prerequisites to becoming a Certified Talk to The Animals Practitioner!!